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Rich content. Flexible delivery.

Why do they work?

Flexible delivery provides value for time poor professionals without compromising on quality

Targeted outputs you can implement immediately, with a follow-up component for accountability

Highly interactive, stimulating learning and self-reflection

They empower leaders and teams to get on the right path and implement change from day 1.

Create a bespoke inclusion strategy for your organisation

Audience: HR professionals, leaders, and others tasked with the DE&I agenda

A comprehensive 'one stop shop' that upskills participants and aligns them on a course of action.


1. The fundamentals of inclusion

2. Design your inclusion strategy

3. Align your organisation on inclusion

4. Post workshop check-in

Key benefits:

  • Secure org-wide buy-in for long-term DE&I success

  • Develop in-house capabilities to manage DE&I activities

  • Brings together key stakeholders within the organisation

Amplify the performance of diverse, hybrid teams

Audience: Current or future leaders of multicultural teams. Ideal as part of a leadership skills development programme.


A training that equips tomorrow's leaders with practical insights and actions for success.


1. Inclusive leadership and cultures of belonging

2. Empowering diverse, hybrid teams

3. Post workshop check-in

Key benefits:

  • Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and networking

  • Uses self-reflection as a vital tool to fuel growth

  • Opportunity for 1:1 feedback

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