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Overcome the say-do gap

Here's how we do it


Clear insight-driven objectives and robust action plan

Market analysis

Tailored insights about market culture and business behaviour

Audits & assessments

Maturity benchmarking and strengths/opportunities analysis


Tools for ongoing analysis of progress and impact

Strategic narrative & messaging

Compelling stories to secure stakeholder buy-in

Campaign & content strategy

Plan for customer engagement across multiple channels

Workshops, labs & trainings

Targeted experiences to provide actionable tools for change

Project management

Efficient delivery to time and to budget

Content creation

Compelling content across digital and print channels

Not knowing where to begin is a challenge many people and organisations face. Because of this, it’s easy to fall prey to the ‘DEI say-do gap’ where words and actions don’t match.

Designed by two experienced DEI specialists, ActivateDEI equips individuals and organisations overcome the say-do gap, challenge assumptions and live out inclusion through a series of fun, flexible challenges. 


Because who doesn't enjoy a challenge?

Team work
  • Learn from each other and understand diverse perspectives

  • Demystify DEI in an approachable yet impactful way

  • Create a sense of community and shared responsibility around DEI

  • Uncover organisational blind spots while creating a safe space for open conversations about challenging topics

How it works

Four challenges, one goal

In teams, you will face four different challenges that each address essential aspects of DEI. These challenges are designed to promote reflection and learning within your team and organisation.

Your adventure, your way

It's not a one-size-fits-all approach. You choose the topics that resonate most with your organisation and will enable a more inclusive company culture. Here are the choices:

  • Microaggressions & unconscious bias

  • Gender equity

  • Intersectionality

  • Bystander intervention

  • Inappropriate behaviours

  • Anti-racism

  • LGBTQ+ equity

  • Disability & neurodivergence

Time to form teams

Work together in teams to complete the challenges, encouraging collaboration and a sense of shared responsibility. Then share your findings with the other teams.

Set your pace

Shape the journey according to your schedule. Whether you're up for a four-week sprint for Women's Month or prefer a more relaxed pace, we cater to your rhythm.

What past participants say

"A great opportunity to create space in our busy corporate lives for open and authentic conversations."

"With this exercise our team can only grow stronger and more united."

"Let's continue to learn from and inspire each other!"

Group Seflie

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Ready for an action-oriented, collaborative experience facilitated in a positive and supportive environment? Get in touch with DEI specialists Tamara & Clara today to take inclusion in your organisation to the next level.

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