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Collaborative and creative. Inquisitive and agile.

At Kazuri Consulting, we make it our business to know you, your values and objectives. That way you get outcomes and services tailored exactly to your needs.


In other words, the right tools to discover, act, thrive.

Meet Tamara Makoni (she/her/hers)

Tamara Makoni smiling and holding a microphone

Kazuri's founder and CEO is a sought after inclusion specialist with broad experience in diversity, equity & inclusion and cross-cultural leadership. Her passion for this stems from growing up across 3 continents, and has deepened through study, travel and working with teams in 30+ countries while leading projects for large multinationals. 


Experience highlights:

  • Facilitated DEI workshops for senior leaders within several NGOs and multinational corporations

  • Delivered keynote speeches at global and European conferences

  • Work featured by the World Economic Forum, International Women's Day, and others

  • Moderated several conferences and professional events

  • Guest lectured at Vlerick Business School and Tilburg University

  • Board member at The Brussels Binder, a leading NGO dedicated to improving representation in European policy debates.

Alongside a Master's in Theoretical Psychoanalysis, she holds a certificate in Intercultural Studies from the University of British Columbia and a professional qualification in DEI. 

Those who know Tamara know she loves tea. Fancy a chat over a cup or two? Get in touch today!

What people say

Image by Nick Morrison

"Tamara is the type of individual you can rely on to go above and beyond. A pleasure to work with, she supports those around her and gets the job done with the utmost professionalism."

What does kazuri mean?

That depends on your angle.


In Swahili, kazuri means something small and beautiful. In Japanese, kazu (和) means harmony and ri (理) is management. 


Both epitomise what we do. We help businesses thrive by unearthing small, beautiful insights and putting them into action. At the same time, harmonious management is the hallmark of an effective cross-cultural approach. 


Just like culture, there’s more than one way to look at us. We are Kazuri - and kazuri is the heart of what we do.

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