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"Where do I start?"

It's not easy knowing how to take that first step, whether you're kicking off your DE&I journey or looking to strengthen and deepen existing inclusion efforts. We know the road ahead can appear unclear and daunting, so our services are designed to offer clarity and measurable outcomes while maximising your return on investment.


The first step with Kazuri is a discovery session to understand your needs. Then we work with you to create a package of services that matches your context and ambition. 

Tools to power your DE&I journey

Talks to motivate and inspire audiences

We specialise in delivering keynotes that inform and engage audiences in virtual or live formats. Whether it's for your senior management team or 2000 industry professionals, our compelling insights and actionable recommendations will stimulate learning and inspire action. 

In addition to keynotes, we offer services in facilitation and interviewing, and are available for expert panel discussions.

Workshops to develop awareness and skills

Our workshops deep dive into key DE&I topics and equip participants with the tools for action. Topics include

  • Inclusive leadership

  • Unconscious bias & combatting microaggressions

  • Inclusive recruitment

  • Cross-cultural communication

  • Intersectionality & gender equity

We also offer two modular workshops, specifically aimed at starting and furthering your inclusion journey:

1. Create a tailored inclusion strategy

2. Amplify the performance of diverse, hybrid teams

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Projects that bring diversity and inclusion to life
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We support organisations to launch tailored projects that create lasting DE&I impact. Recent examples include

  • Defining the internal DE&I vision and using targeted interventions with management and staff to kick off the DE&I journey

  • Setting up a community for DE&I professionals in Europe from racialised backgrounds

  • Facilitating listening sessions with employees to gather qualitative to guide the DE&I strategy, then creating an awareness campaign to trigger behavioural change

Why choose Kazuri?

Benefit from proven expertise and experience

Our best practices and methods are rooted in hands-on experience of using DE&I to drive change. And by keeping our finger firmly on the global DE&I pulse, you'll be sure to get the latest insights.

Use cultural intelligence to boost your DE&I efforts

Knowledge is power, and in DE&I this means understanding cultural diversity. That's why we include cultural intelligence as part of all our services, empowering you to harness diversity for growth and innovation.

Work collaboratively from start to finish

You know your company's context; our role is to support you in achieving your desired outcomes. From content tailoring to optimising a roll-out plan, you'll be informed and involved at every step to make sure you're satisfied with the outcome.

Enjoy an honest, supportive relationship

Honest communication is essential to DE&I and we don't shrink away from telling you as it is. At the same time, we provide safe spaces for discussion and the tools to keep you on track, delivering against your goals.

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Not sure what you need?

Based on our knowledge and experience, we can help assess where you need to focus and the steps for your success.

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Ready to eliminate the blockers in your path and boost your bottom line?

Get in touch today. Let's make your business thrive.

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