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Why is now the right time for inclusion?

It’s what customers and investors expect

More than ever, customers and investors are using Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors to decide where to spend their money.


In 2021, 76% of consumers said they will stop buying from companies that don’t treat the environment, employees or local communities well. Also, 83% think companies should actively shape ESG best practices - which includes diversity & inclusion.

Source: PwC Beyond compliance: Consumers and employees want business to do more on ESG 

Stay one step ahead in the war for talent

Your success in the war for talent, and ability to build the workforce of the future, depends on how well you attract and retain diverse talent.


When attracting candidates, D&I matters: 76% of job seekers and employees say diversity is important when evaluating companies, while Gen Z and Millennials say D&I is a deciding factor in accepting an offer.


It also helps keep them: 89% of employers think employees leave for more money, but only 12% of employees actually do. In reality, most leave to escape unsupportive bosses and company cultures where they don’t feel appreciated or able to thrive. This turnover is expensive: 1.5 - 2x annual salary in some cases.

Sources: Glassdoor | Washington Post | Forbes | Bersin

Glassdoor - Diversity Inclusion Workplace Survey

Washington Post - Millennial and Gen Z workers want proof of a diverse workforce

Forbes - 10 shocking workplace stats you need to know

Josh Bersin - Employee Retention Now a Big Issue

Gain competitive advantage and boost your bottom line

The research is clear: inclusive companies consistently outperform non-inclusive competitors. Why? Because in the right environment, diverse thinking can enhance innovation by 20% and enable groups to reduce risks by up to 30%.


That’s why gender-diverse and inclusive teams outperform gender-homogeneous, less inclusive teams by 50%, on average. And organisations with inclusive cultures are 2x more likely to achieve financial goals and 8x more likely to achieve better business outcomes.

Sources: Deloitte | Gartner

Deloitte - The diversity & inclusion revolution: Eight powerful truths 

Gartner - Diversity and Inclusion Build High Performance Teams 

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Inaction has a price.

Can you afford it?

Join other leaders in investing now to deliver what your customers, employees, and sectors need. 

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